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Experienced a transformation in the way of life today, in various fields, particularly in the building industry and urbanization, indicate that a different approach is consistent with the needs of modern life, traditions are forming. This issue has turned the building into a growing industry. Though seems inevitable the role of architecture and building construction industry with new approaches, but should not be forgotten the valve of human reason.

According to criteria such as speed of execution, cost saving and optimization ,quality and beauty all of which are factor in the industry with this proposed buildings are prefabricated and modular components and manufacturing technology to produce industrial design that reduce costs. Speed Howe implementation will be included but along with all the standards, understanding of human needs and cultural origin, standards create a sense of comfort and well-informed and experienced architects are factors that need to take advantage of today’s designs particularly in a country with a rich history and architecture, which is expected to be implemented over the issue.

Manush Ray Consulting Engineers Based on the knowledge and understanding of the world in the construction industry and construction methods of Appling value-architecture plans with a close look at the culture and society of the need to consider the ability and manufacturing technology in the country and also utilizes the modern innovations of the world with different tastes and demands of clients with regard to existing standards meet. The mission entrusted to respond appropriately to be achieved.